In its fourth year the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival ( hosted by the Tainan City Government Culture Bureau has evolved into a full-scale short film festival, taking place at the Wu-Yuan Culture Garden, a historic cultural heritage site in the center of Tainan, from April 11th – 19th 2015.

On its opening weekend (April 11th & 12th) the festival will hold a two-day international academic conference on the field of short film, titled: The Art of Short Film.

The Tainan Short Film Conference is proud to announce the director of the International Short Film Festival Berlin (, Heinz Hermanns, as a key-note speaker.

“A short film has much in common with a short story in that the emotional impact is what guides the narrative. The emotional impact is very much akin to what Edgar Allan Poe defined as ‘the unity of effect’. In his Philosophy of Composition (1846), Poe raised interesting questions regarding the denouement, meant in his view to illustrate both the writer’s intention and the prevailing effect he had in mind from the outset. Thus the ending should provide the key to the story and one should be able to read a story backwards.”

The Tainan Short Film Conference is intended as a platform for exchange on ongoing research on short films and as a basis for a better understanding of the art form as a whole.

The conference aims to offer inspiration to academics, filmmakers and other professionals working with short films in connection with festivals, universities, film institutes, film clubs, cinemas, TV stations and production houses.

The conference welcomes research papers on a wide spectrum of the fields of short films, ranging from fiction shorts, animation shorts, documentary shorts to experimental shorts. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

short film production 。 short film exhibition and the construction of audience 。 short film festival audiences and communities 。 exhibition and/or consumption of short film 。 digital and online film cultures 。 transnational film audiences 。 marketing short films 。 short film story telling

Please submit your English language paper to:
No later than February 25th 2015
Looking forward to welcoming you at the conference!
Ass. Prof. Dr. Till Dietsche
DAYEH University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Festival Curator
Tainan Short Film Festival
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